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☟ Synthroid ☟
Active Ingredient: Levothyroxine

Other names for this medication:
Abutiroi, Eferox, Eltroxin, Levo-t, Levoid, Levoroxine, Levothyrox, Levothyroxinum, Levotiroxina, Levoxine, Levoxyl, Liothyrone, Novothyral, Novothyrox, Sintrocid t4, Thevier, Thyrax, Thyrex, Thyro hormone, Thyrotardin, Thyrox, Thyroxin, Tiroxino leo, Unithroid

Synthroid is a thyroid hormone, or rather a synthetic version of the natural hormone, which is called tetraiodothyronine (T4). This drug is one of the most common thyroid hormones from those that are presented today in the consumer market. The most famous brand of this product is Synthroid. In the consumer market, it came in 1955 thanks to the Flint Laboratory. In fact, today almost all variants of this hormone are called Synthroid, even if in fact they were released under a different brand.

Basic functions and distinctive features of Synthroid
Synthroid is a synthetic thyroid hormone. Like all similar products, it is designed to regulate metabolic processes. If we talk about medical practice, first of all Synthroid is used to treat hypothyroidism. This disease is associated with the inability of the thyroid gland to produce enough hormones. In the future, this disease leads to an increase in body weight, a decrease in vital energy and a change in the structure of hair and skin.
When a person starts receiving Synthroid, he makes up for the lack of a hormone that is not able to produce the thyroid gland. Therefore, T4 is a kind of backup copy of T3. Therefore, in most diseases of the thyroid gland, the patient will be assigned Synthroid.

But athletes use this drug to burn excess fat. Typically, Synthroid is presented in cycles to reduce body weight. Although much more often athletes choose T3, which by its pharmacological characteristics is four times stronger than Synthroid. But we should not forget about the possible consequences of this, legargia and a decrease in vital energy. The fact is that thyroid hormones actively feed ATP and can deplete your energy supplies, especially if you follow a strict diet. Such a process can lead to the destruction of the previously acquired muscle relief. Athletes who are going to start taking Synthroid should clearly understand that now there will be much more thyroid hormone in their body than it is necessary, so you need to be prepared for certain consequences. Therefore, if you do not want to lose the already acquired muscle relief, do not take Synthroid without anabolic steroids. However, even if hormonal anabolics are introduced into your course, the presence of a strict diet can cause loss of muscle mass. Therefore, before starting such a course, you should carefully study the question of balancing hormones and nutrients in the body.

The positive effects of taking Syntroids
The positive effects of taking Synthroid are very obvious. If a person is sick with hypothyroidism and his thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, he starts taking Synthroid and replenishes what is not done naturally. From a medical point of view, this all the positive effects of this drug end.

If we talk about receiving Synthroid for sporting purposes, then here positive effects lie on the surface. If an athlete tries to lose weight and lose fatty layer, then with the introduction of additional hormones in his course, similar to those produced by the thyroid gland, he can get rid of extra pounds much faster. Due to the fact that this drug has the ability to transform into T3, metabolic processes will be significantly activated, which means that fat burning will occur more intensively. However, to achieve a positive result, you must necessarily diet. After all, if you eat more calories than you spend, you will never be able to get rid of unwanted pounds. That is, you should clearly understand that as an independent unit Synthroid does not help you get rid of fatty deposits, but if you join this drug to a competently formulated diet, you will simply have an amazing result.

Quite often this tool is combined in one course with various beta-2 stimulants, for example, Clenbuterol. This greatly increases the effect of burning fat deposits.

Side Effects of Synthroids
Synthroid may actually have some side effects, but in general this drug is considered quite safe. In most cases, side effects occur due to a significant overdose.

So, the side effects that are possible on the Synthroid course include:

☞ Nausea

☞ Headache

☞ Tachycardia

☞ Increased sweating

☞ Irritability

If to speak about a strong abuse of the drug and significant overdoses, the side effects begin to be more dangerous. Such manifestations include:

⓵ Heart Failure

⓶ Shock states

In the event of a prolonged overdose, a fatal outcome may occur.

Synthroid Dosage
Regardless of the reasons for using this drug is taken orally. If it is taken to treat hypothyroidism, the average dosage is 100 to 150 milligrams of active ingredient per day. Dosage may increase slightly if a person has an impressive body weight, but at the first stage of treatment it will be the same for patients with any weight. If we are talking about fat burning, then at the initial stage the daily dose will be approximately 50 milligrams of active substance per day. As necessary, this dose can be increased, but it needs to be done gradually. If we are talking about short-term use, then every 3 days you can increase the dosage by 25 milligrams until you reach the maximum threshold. If you take the drug for a long time (about 12 to 16 weeks), then every 2 to 3 weeks you need to increase the dosage by 12.5 – 25 milligrams. However, remember that you should not take more than 150 to 200 milligrams of active ingredient per day.

Availability Syntrot
Synthroid is widely available both on the legal and the black consumer market. It can also be purchased through research chemical laboratories that create this substance in liquid form for various experiments. It should be noted that this product is rarely falsified and, most importantly, it has quite an acceptable cost. Today the most common way to purchase Synthroid for sports purposes is to order the drug through research laboratories. The fact is that illegal distributors do not always have it in stock, since they prefer a more powerful version of T3.

General Characteristics of Syntroids
Synthroid is a synthetic analogue of the thyroid hormone, but in terms of its characteristics it can not even compare with T3. Many experts argue that, regardless of the purpose of using the best result, you can achieve if you take T3. However, some users note the perfect result after the course Synthroid. Therefore, it is best to try both of these drugs at different times and choose the one that is most suitable for you.

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